Custom HD Brows & Natural Lashes Set


  • Customer Care will contact you within 24 hours for specs after order is received.

  • Eyebrow molds and lash measurements are required for this order.

  • HD Eyebrows are very thin and fragile.  Please handle with special care and avoid rubbing the hairs.

  • Avoid wetting for the first 72 hours after receiving.


How do I apply human hair eyebrows?

Application Instructions for Glue-On Eyebrows:

1.    After patch test, apply a Thin layer/small amount of eyebrow adhesive to your skin. Let dry until tacky.

2.    Starting at the inner edge of the brow line, place the eyebrows on the brow line, forming the desired shape and arch. Using the teeth of a comb on an eyebrow brush, press gently on the eyebrows until the adhesive is dry. (Using a comb allows the adhesive to grab the base, without getting the glue on the hairs fibers).

3.    An eyebrow pencil or powdered eyebrow shadows can be used to enhance the color and finish the look. Avoid combing and brushing eyebrow hairs for the first 72 hours.


How do I remove the human hair eyebrows?

Removing Glue-on Eyebrows:

1.    Starting at the inner edge, very gently peel off the eyebrows. Use a cotton swab dampened with 99% Alcohol to soften the adhesive. AVOID getting alcohol on hair side. This will cause shedding.

2.    Once removed, carefully and gently clean your skin and eyebrow base with equal parts of 99% Alcohol and filtered water (1:1 ratio). Caution: Avoid contact of the with 99% Alcohol/water with the eyes.

3.    After cleaning allow to air dry. Avoid touching hair side while wet.  This can cause shedding.


How do I secure the eyebrows?

You can use eyelash adhesive, however, you may find it does not hold as well as eyebrow adhesive. We recommend using enclosed adhesive in order to apply the eyebrows because it is formulated for long-lasting wear. This formula will allow you to remain worry-free while securing your eyebrows in place for days.


Can I wear the eyebrows in water?

Avoid getting eyebrows wet for at least 72 hours. Eyebrows can be worn in the shower although, we do discourage prolonged submersion. Many customers have had success with them at the beach or in fresh or salt water pools. We do not recommend wearing them in the swimming pool due to the harshness of pool chemicals.


How long can I wear the eyebrows?

Eyebrows can be warn for two to three consecutive days at a time. Avoid rubbing, scratching and sleeping on eyebrows.

Total Wear: Eyebrows generally last from 1 to 6 months with proper care. Monthly refills/maintenance are necessary for extended wear. Many factors impact their longevity. Heat, chemicals, improper cleaning, perspiration, abrasiveness, and sleeping in the eyebrows can decrease their life span.

Custom HD Brows & Natural Lashes Set

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