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GLAM Memberships

We provide expert maintenance for all wig types, even those not made by us, ensuring they stay in top condition. Our maintenance plans, especially for Lace, Mesh, Mono Tops, or Poly hair systems, offer everything from minor repairs to full rejuvenations.

Glam Membership Plans:

  • T1 GLAM - $89/Month: Care for two wigs, 3" hair repair, hardware updates, exclusive perks, color refresh, cap resizing, and more. Annual plan, paid monthly.

  • T2 GLAM - $69/Month: Maintenance for one wig, 1" hair repair, cap resizing, hardware updates, early collection access, and expert guidance. Annual commitment required.

  • T3 GLAM - $39/Month: Designed for topper enthusiasts, offering yearly maintenance, exclusive access, and community support. Requires yearly commitment.

Key Benefits:

  • Premium processed Remy hair used, with options for Virgin and rare textures at an additional fee.

  • Specialized repair plans for prosthesis and vacuum seals.

  • Unlimited repairs for stylists and salons, ensuring professional quality.

Choose the right plan for you and enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive care. Let’s keep your hairpiece flawless and functional.

Other Services: Beyond maintenance, we offer specific plans for unique hair system needs and unlimited repairs for industry professionals, ensuring every wig remains perfect.


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🌼 Tier 1 PRO Repair Plan for Advanced Wigs & Cranial Prosthesis with Rare Human Hair

🌺 Plan Overview:
Unlock the ultimate care for your real human hair wigs and toppers with the Tier 1 Pro Maintenance Plan for lace and prosthetic hair systems. Crafted for those who demand nothing but the best, this plan encompasses a full spectrum of maintenance and repair services designed to keep your prosthesis in impeccable condition, focusing on enduring quality and resilience.

🌸 Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Services: Receive up to 120 hours of specialized maintenance and repair services annually, a value of $930 per wig, including premium human hair replacement.

  • Adaptable Service Allocation: Tailor the 12 included maintenance services to fit your needs, whether for individual repairs or across multiple systems, ensuring your prosthesis receives the care it deserves.

  • Priority Repair Services: Benefit from 12 hours of extra/urgent super rush repairs, providing immediate attention to your urgent maintenance needs.

  • Extensive Hair Replacement: Avail 12 square inches of hair replacement or ventilation, with up to 18" of rare human hair, offering the flexibility to address multiple areas as needed.

  • Enhanced System Durability: Cap sealing for up to 12 systems using thin skin, silicone, or polymer, significantly boosting the comfort and longevity of your prosthesis.

  • Seam and Cap Integrity: Ensure the structural integrity of your system with professional repairs for any rips, holes, or tears across 12 systems.


🌼 Tier 2 PRO Care Plan for Wigs and Toppers with High-Quality Human Hair

🌺 Plan Overview:
The Tier 2 Pro Care Plan is expertly designed for those seeking reliable maintenance for advanced lace, mono hair systems. It offers a solid package of repair and care services, ensuring your wig or topper remains beautiful and functional.

🌸 Key Benefits:

  • Selective Maintenance Services: Gain access to 60 hours of professional maintenance and repair services within the year, which is typically valued at $600 per wig, including high-quality human hair replacement.

  • Service Flexibility: The plan includes 6 maintenance services that can be tailored for specific repairs or evenly distributed across your hair systems.

  • Urgent Repair Hours: Enjoy 6 hours of urgent super rush repair services for those times when immediate attention is required.

  • Hair Replacement Coverage: Benefit from 6 square inches of hair replacement, including up to 12" of high-quality human hair, allowing for targeted or widespread service distribution.

  • Cap Integrity Services: Receive up to 6 seam or cap repairs to address any structural issues, maintaining the overall integrity of your system.


🌸 Tier 3 PRO Basic Maintenance Plan for Wigs and Toppers

🌺 Plan Overview:
The Tier 3 Basic Maintenance Plan is tailored for lace wigs and toppers looking for essential upkeep services. This plan covers fundamental maintenance needs, ensuring your prosthesis functions well and maintains its appearance.

🌸 Key Benefits:

  • Essential Maintenance Services: Access up to 30 hours of maintenance and repair services annually, aimed at essential upkeep.

  • Focused Service Use: This plan provides 3 maintenance services, perfect for targeted repairs or care of your hair system.

  • Basic Hair Replacement: Includes 3 square inches of hair replacement, ensuring critical areas can be addressed efficiently.

  • Structural Repairs: Up to 3 seam or cap repairs to fix fundamental wear and tear, preserving the life of your system.

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