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Alopecia Alopecia

Hairline Illusions™, LLC manufactures, distributes and markets one-of-a-kind realistic hair-scalp, facial  prosthetics to patients affected by disease or trauma conditions. The prosthetics is designed for people who are seeking a high level of realism offering nano-silver bases to help prevent odor and bacteria since 2011. First in the USA! Measurements are taken and molds are created to mimic the original as close as possible. Skin color – pigmentation and nails are also matched creating a realistic prosthesis.

Since 2006, the Company has offered it’s one for one program providing medical wig grants to deprived women and children. The Hairline Illusions one for one program was created from the concept when people look good, they have a tendency to feel good. Hair loss can be a crisis that's hard for many to take. The right wig can make all the difference in the world – boosting self-esteem and the psychological healing process.

If given the choice, no one would want to lose hair due to medical reasons. Hair loss can be a crisis that's hard for many to take. The right wig can make all the difference in the world – boosting self-esteem, even helping the healing process for chemotherapy patients.

Living with Alopecia can be very stressful as well. Feelings towards baldness have been devastatingly negative as most view hair loss as a sign of weakness. Most Alopecia patients are not frail. Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that causes a person to lose their hair as the immune system destroys the hair follicles.


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“CHEMO WIG” for total hair loss and growing hair. Invisible System. Very thin, soft & light specifically made for chemotherapy Patients. You can wear the CHEMO WIG for up to 3 weeks before removing and reapplying. Units can be worn during and after treatments throughout the hair regrowth process. Wig life 3 years. 1 Year Warranty.



Cranial Hair Prosthesis “Medical Wigs” for Alopecia - total hair loss
Ultimate Invisible System. Visually, it's the finest. Lightweight Silicone and Hard Fiberglass Available. Wig life 3-5 years. 1 Year Warranty.



Replacement scalp, and like a healthy scalp, the Healing Cap® Cranial Prosthesis can accomplish the following physical benefits:

1.     Can stimulate healing of the scalp from the effects of burns, chemotherapy and alopecia

2.     Can aid in healing scalp rashes, acne and infections.

3.     Can protect scarred tissue from bacteria, microorganisms-inducing extra collagen production in the scar tissue

4.     Mimics scalp and looks extremely natural – as if the hair is growing from the scalp.

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