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Hairline Illusions offers a wide variety of short, part-time and Full-time courses. Learn from our beginners "The Art of Making Lace Wigs to advance "Medical Wig" Boot Camp Courses. Industrial hair processing and machine made wigs are also offered. Classes include machines, supplies and manuals. For a more detailed list click here or email us info@hairlineillusions.com.


Wig/Hairpiece Consultation $500 - Black Label Consultation $1,500
Business Consultation $500 hour
Wig Repair $95 hour
Hairpiece Construction (Ponytails, Toppers, Toupees, etc.) $75 hour
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R&D Prototypes $10,000+
Photo / Film Shoots Day Rate $10,000+ (5 Wigs Rentals, Applications, Styling) *Expenses additional.

ORDER HAIR SAMPLE KIT - Click here to see hair textures.
If you are unsure about which natural hair texture to choose you can order a sample of our rare textures. You can also suply your own hair for the construction of your wig.

Hair sample kits include 4 samples of each texture ranging from 4" -10" in natural colors. If you would like to see hair color samples order hair color ring.

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New Hairline Illusions Reviews




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