Wig/Hairpiece Consultation $500 - Black Label Consultation $1,500


List 3 Dates Between Tues. and Thurs.

Business Consultation $500 hour
Wig Repair $95 hour
Hairpiece Construction (Ponytails, Toppers, Toupees, etc.) $75 hour
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R&D Prototypes $10,000+
Photo / Film Shoots Day Rate $10,000+ (5 Wigs Rentals, Applications, Styling) *Expenses additional.

ORDER HAIR SAMPLE KIT - Click here to see hair textures.
If you are unsure about which natural hair texture to choose you can order a sample of our rare textures. You can also suply your own hair for the construction of your wig.

Hair sample kits include 4 samples of each texture ranging from 4" -10" in natural colors. If you would like to see hair color samples order hair color ring.

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